Every word Jody Morris said on Frank Lampard’s illness, Chelsea’s transfer plans and FA Cup

What’s wrong with Frank?

He has a bit of a bug. Had it for a week to ten days and the older you get the harder it is to shake. He ain’t feeling the best but he’ll be alright for the game on Sunday.

Injury news?

Alonso is looking like he is defo out and Ruben is an obvious one. But apart from that we’re looking at a few players after the Brighton game to see what the fall out is like. At the moment it’s looking not too bad. We should be able to select from the majority of the group apart from your Alonsos and your Rubens.

Tomori and Giroud?

Fik trained today but he’s still not feeling the best himself after a bit of a bug as well. Olivier is OK.

Bug sweeping through the club?

There has been a bit flying about anyway but I think it’s just that time of year and you have to put up with those sort of things.

Sunday a big chance to rotate?

We’ll look at how the lads are feeling. After all the games, you’ve got to utilise the squad. I’m sure there will be a few changes from the Brighton game but how many I’m not sure just yet.

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Where does FA Cup rank in priorities?

It’s a prestigious competition. Whatever competition you enter you should try to look and go as far as you possibly can. Obviously there is a balancing act at the same time when you have those amount of games but the manager will want to pick a team that wants to go out against Forest and win the game.

Transfer window is open. Where does squad need strengthening?

There’s a couple of areas you’d be looking at but it will all depend on what the momvements are from within the club as well. I’m not as privy to those conversations as the manager is but I’m sure there’s a little bit of work going on behind the scenes. Any movements or anybody brought in or going out the door will need to be for the benefit of the club and improve the squad. There isn’t any point in bringing anybody in that…


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