The Olaoye twins – east London football brothers blazing a trail in Argentina and the Bundesliga

For over 20 years Daniel and David Olaoye have been battling to outdo each other on the football pitch as only twin brothers can.

It ought to be no surprise that they’re now engaged in a race to see who can fill their passports with the most stamps through their playing careers.

From Greece to Norway via Slovenia, Sweden, Germany and Argentina these two 23-year-olds are determined to see the world through football.

Their journeys in the game so far have taken them further than they could have ever imagined when they were growing up in east London.

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“We were so competitive ever since I got the gold medal at the David Beckham academy,” Daniel remembers.

“I got the silver!” says David, who you sense might never get over being denied top place on the podium.

“Your team was so rubbish the first couple of days,” Daniel jokes. His brother does not disagree; they were “horrible, horrible” players.

Daniel is of course never going to let David forget that winning moment.

“I scored a free-kick right, in the final. Twenty years on I clearly remember. I’ve had that medal ever since.”

Daniel beat David to a David Beckham academy gold medal
(Image: Daniel Olaoye)

Their paths may not cross as often anymore but in the run-up to Christmas the globetrotting Olaoye brothers were reunited in the capital – Jonathan, the youngest of the family, might have joined David and Daniel for this interview but “you have to literally drag him out of bed. He’s probably there right now.”

Jonathan has been inspired by his older siblings – or at least that’s their story – and at just 20 years of age finds himself playing with Harstad IL in Norway.

“I said to him if you want to make it you have to put in that work,” David said. “He knows that but still.

“To make him work, to have the same work ethic as us, I want him to have that. We work. We can reach the top together….