Only one of Chelsea’s “attacking wish-list” looks a realistic target for January » Chelsea News

The Sun today listed Chelsea’s “three man transfer wish list”, claiming that the Blues are chasing Moussa Dembele, Jadon Sancho and Wilfried Zaha for January moves.

The volume of rumours we’ve heard, from multiple sources, linking us to that trio means that we agree we seem interested in them. But in terms of a January move, at least two of them look impossible.

Jadon Sancho is going to be astronomically expensive, as one of the most in demand players in world football. It looks an impossible deal to get done in the next 25 days. And that’s before you consider how much Dortmund will want to keep him as they chase the Bundesliga title.

Dembele is more achievable, but we heard this week from the guys upstairs at Lyon that he’s not going anywhere, and again, without an insane bid it’s hard to see them potentially damaging their chances in the league by selling a key player.

Finally we have Zaha. While signing him won’t be easy either, there is probably more of an acceptance from Crystal Palace that he’s desperate to go and they will have to let him eventually. With a big enough offer, we should be able to prise him away.