Chelsea leaving way open to end Boga buyback » Chelsea News

Jeremie Boga came so close to a breakthrough at Chelsea, but he didn’t quite make it.

He started the first game of Antonio Conte’s second season, before getting subbed off early on after a red card.

After that he’s vanished off to Sassuolo, first on loan and now permanently. Always aware of his potential, we left a buy back clause in his contract.

But as point out, we haven’t made any move to use that clause. That’s allowing other clubs to makes moves for him in January after an impressive first half of the season.

Even if Chelsea don’t want him, they should be considering signing him. If they let another team snap him up, their buyback clause is void. They should be buying him and selling him on for a higher fee, maybe after a loan year or two

It’s better than letting the paltry fee that we got for him be all that we ever get. We’ve made a mistake letting him go once, let’s not make it twice.