Kurt Zouma names the “first player he would sign” for Chelsea » Chelsea News

Kurt Zouma is a lovely bloke, and one who doesn’t seem to take life too seriously.

When asked which player he would sign for Chelsea by the guys who run the club’s official app, he had a very sweet answer which shows just the kind of guy he is.

(You can see the full interview by following the link in the Tweet below and downloading the app.)

.@KurtZouma’s first footballing hero is a true legend of the game! 👌

— Chelsea FC (@ChelseaFC) January 8, 2020

Asked who his first signing would be if he was made boss, Zouma replied:

“I would say my brother straightaway. He plays in Qatar, a central defender so it would be him and me together at the back!”

Family first! We’re so much happier (no pun intended) with that answer than we would have been with him saying “Neymar” or “Messi” or whatever other answer one might get from someone taking it too seriously.

In all seriousness though, how fun would it be to have two Zoumas at the back together? Maybe we should look into it…