Reece James reveals who was on the back of his first Chelsea shirt » Chelsea News

Chelsea have an exclusive “first/last/always” with Reece James on the club’s official website this week, reaching into his past to try and dig up some interesting nuggets.

It’s rather mundane in reality, they ask him such dull questions, including quite literally “what did you have for breakfast” and “where do you do your shopping”?

But there is one interesting, Chelsea related question – what was your first Blues shirt.

James revealed it was the neon yellow highlighter away kit, with Didier Drogba’s name on the back.

Makes you feel old that one of our players had Drogba on their first shirt right? Unbelievable.

Anyway you can go and read the rest of the interview, if you really care about where he goes on holiday and what Will Smith film is his favourite.

If we were you, we would just go and watch that clip of his crossing highlights. It’s a lot more entertaining.