Chelsea transfers “not imminent” Lampard admits » Chelsea News

The thing about the January transfer window is that you wait ages for it to arrive, and then it flies by.

We spent so much time speculating about what Chelsea would do, and before you know it here we are, a third of the way through the month. You would think that the strategy would be to get deals done as early as possible to maximise the number of games the new arrivals can play, but according to Frank Lampard that’s not going to be the case. have the full quotes from Lampard’s presser, where he responded when asked if any deal is close:

“No, not at the moment but when I say that, what is close? It is January. I have said if it is right then we will look at it. We are not imminent, you are not going to have any big news today or tomorrow,” the Chelsea boss said.

We weren’t expecting that, in reality. At Chelsea you can tend to tell if a deal is getting close, just from the accumulation of rumours and leaks. We expect a couple of deals to get done, but we will be well into the month before anything is confirmed.

Let’s hope that’s because we’re getting the very best, rather than just because we can’t get the deals done.