Paul Merson column on Wilfried Zaha proving he’s not worth £80m to the top six

Wilfried Zaha’s problem is that the only club he’s worth £80m to is Crystal Palace .

He keeps them in the Premier League every year. Without him, they’ve got every chance of being relegated. He’s their saviour.

He’s worth that money to them all day long, and I can totally understand why they would hold out for a fee that big.

But who in their right mind is going to pay that for a player that doesn’t score goals? He’s scored three all season. THREE. Where else is he going to go?

Liverpool and Manchester City don’t need him. Manchester United wouldn’t take him back after last time, and I doubt if Jose Mourinho would want him at Tottenham.

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Arsenal? That ship has sailed. And Chelsea are well-stocked for wingers. I don’t see why they need him when they have all these young players coming through with much greater potential.

That’s the top six out, so where is he going to go? The best he can hope for in this country is an Everton. But they’re nowhere near the Champions League so is that good enough for him?

He could try and go abroad but he’d be leaving the best league in the world. This is the place to play. And there are only a handful of clubs in Europe that could afford him.

I just can’t see a European giant paying £80m for a player who won’t get you double figure goals every season.

Sometimes you’re better off being a big fish in a small pond. Everything revolves around him at Palace. They play through him all the time.

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Wilfried Zaha is Crystal Palace’s star man
(Image: REUTERS)

At a big club you’re just part of the machine because everybody can play and everybody needs the ball. He wouldn’t get the same opportunities.

Look at Michael Ballack when he went to Chelsea. Everything went through him at Bayer Leverkusen and Bayern Munich. He was the star. He got 100 touches a game to make something happen.

He went to Chelsea and he wasn’t the…


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