Tammy Abraham urges team to bring the fire back to Stamford Bridge » Chelsea News

Tammy Abraham is still young, but his performances and his passion have embedded him deep in the hearts of Chelsea fans.

He’s already a real leader in this team, performing when called upon and – so far – never letting us down when we need him.

In quotes carried by the Independent this Monday morning, the striker made it very clear he’s not done yet. He want to ramp up the success the team are already having, and in doing do turn Stamford Bridge into the cauldron of noise we all know it can be.

“We do have to do that,” the striker answered when asked whether he and the team could bring the passion back after some drab home performances leading up to Saturday’s win.

“The fans want to come and watch beautiful football and recently in our home games we haven’t been giving them that.”

They made up for it this weekend, beating Burnley comfortably and soaking up the applause that the supporters had had to hold back for a few weeks as the team struggled.

It’s a symbiotic relationship, and the better the team do, the more adulation they’ll receive, and the better they’ll play – that’s the theory anyway.

This win should give us a nice boost in confidence to carry into our next game – we’re going to need it, as we face some seriously tricky fixtures in the next month or two.