Chelsea fall behind Spurs in the “Deloitte Money League” » Chelsea News

Tottenham are now London’s “top performing club financially”, according to a piece in today’s Evening Standard.

Chelsea’s London rivals have been making the Champions League year on year and are now up into 8th in the world. Reaching the final of last year’s competition must have been a massive boost too, as they played some thrilling games along the way.

Their share of broadcast revenue is growing too, as more people tune in to watch them in the knockouts of Europe’s top competition and we play Slavia Prague in the Europa League.

It should be temporary however. Their success under Mauricio Pochettino, and now Jose Mourinho has taken over, they look likely to see an increase in their expenditure, but perhaps not their results.

Check back in a year and tell us how they’re getting on. Meanwhile we’re back at the top table this year, and are on course to qualify next year.