Kepa has an “arrogant” side, but a “fantastic attitude” says ex-Chelsea player » Chelsea News

The Athletic is a great resource for news about what’s going on at Chelsea, but the fact that Rob Green is a friend of the guys covering the Blues there, and the fact that he was in the squad last year means he’s popping up as a source more now than he ever was when he was actually playing.

This week they’re asking him about Kepa Arrizabalaga, the £71m signing that Green had to watch from the bench last season. The Daily Mail has all the quotes from the former England goalkeeper, outside the paywall.

Green said that he “does have this side to him which is arrogant”, but that was couched in what was ultimately a lot of praise.

He also spoke about how his attitude just “shows a strength of character.”

“He’s a really nice lad and he’s got a fantastic attitude,” Green added.

Overall, you start to get the picture. Nice but hyper-competitive and very confident. Pretty much exactly what you want in the personality of a footballer, especially a goalkeeper who is likely to go through bad patches where they have to keep calm and maintain their composure.

Let’s hope it helps him recover his form for the rest of this season.