Unlikely, unfashionable team try to hijack Olivier Giroud’s Inter Milan transfer » Chelsea News

Olivier Giroud is on the verge of a move to Milan, finally reaching a city which might be beautiful and chic enough for him.

But what if he were to go to… Birmingham?

That’s what’s being proposed today. The Sun claim that Aston Villa, currently struggling to find the back of the net and thereby keep their head above water in the Premier League, are going to try and hijack Inter’s move.

Now it does seem ridiculous, but let’s think about it for a second.

At Inter he will be largely back on the bench behind Europe’s hottest strike partnership all season. At Villa, he would likely start every game for the rest of the season – and perhaps beyond.

Villa also have rich owners, and given the fee is only likely to be in the low millions, they might also be able to offer a big contract to tempt him to forgo Antonio Conte’s call.

Worth keeping an eye on, at least!