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Chelsea had the lead in this game and were a man up, but they’ve somehow conspired to let Arsenal equalise.

The Blues had a corner – that’s right, all the way down the other end against ten men – and Arsenal were still able to go the full length of the pitch and score. Against a team with an extra man.

It’s ridiculous really, and it was all a little fortunate for the Gunners as N’Golo Kante slipped in the middle of the pitch to allow them clear passage to goal.

Fans on social media reacted to some truly awful play at home from the Blues, and as you might imagine they weren’t happy. You can only blame Kante so much, but still, inevitably he’s the focal point of the shoddy play.

You can see a collection of the reaction here. As you will see, nobody is really blaming the Frenchman for his one error. As Dan Levene points out, he’s got plenty of “credit in the bank” from bailing out his teammates.

Kante, on coming off, clearly knows nobody bears him malice for that slip. Just one of those things. And, to be fair, he’s bailed-out enough of his teammates down the years to have gained sufficient credit in the bank.

— Dan Levene (@danlevene) January 21, 2020

Ngolo kante when he sees steven gerrard #CHEARS

— LCDC (@lcdc_yt) January 21, 2020

Kante after Martinelli’s goal

— Odi (@Damnbouz) January 21, 2020

Poor N’Golo Kanté. You hate to see it.

— ESPN FC (@ESPNFC) January 21, 2020

N’Golo Kante just went full Steven Gerrard! 😱

— The Sun Football ⚽ (@TheSunFootball) January 21, 2020

Kante slipped which happens sadly but the bigger question is, why the fuck was he left 2 vs 1

Martinelli had a free run of 67 yards. How the fuck does that happen..

— Conn (@ConnCFC) January 21, 2020

Forget the slip from Kanté, it was obviously an accident, shouldn’t be slammed for that. But man he’s frustrating in the final…


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