(Video): “I have a strong feeling about where we can improve”

Chelsea may have won today against Hull, but there was still plenty of negative feelings around.

Frank Lampard the manager spoke with amazing honesty to the BT Sport team after the game, explaining that he was tired of repeating the same messages again and again.

He also spoke openly about the transfer situation, making it abundantly clear once again that he thinks the team needs additions.

“I have a strong feeling about where we can improve,” the former Derby boss said openly, before making it clear that he felt signings were going to be vitally important even for the top 4 challenge this season.

You can see the clip embedded below:

“We allow teams to stay in the game until the 94th minute.”

“I feel like a broken record. It’s frustrating.”

“We lost ground in the summer and we need to improve personnel wise.”

Fascinating listening as an incredibly honest Frank Lampard speaks to @DesKellyBTS…

— Football on BT Sport (@btsportfootball) January 25, 2020


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