“Would have liked to see him start”

Chelsea have released their starting lineup for the game against Hull, and some people aren’t happy with the missed opportunity to play more young players.

Brilliantly talented young Scot Billy Gilmour is the man who everyone wanted to see, and fans on Twitter were grumbling (aren’t they always) about his exclusion from the starting XI.

Some wanted him in the team in place of Mason Mount, which doesn’t make that much sense given that Mount didn’t play on Tuesday, and presumably won’t play from the start next weekend either.

Leaving out Mateo Kovacic, who probably will start out next game against Leicester, would have made a little more sense. But either way, we’re sure we will see plenty of him in the second half, especially if we manage to build up a decent lead.

You can see a collection of the reaction here:

Gilmour should be given a chance instead of Mount and our bench ain’t that good tbh

— Jay ☬ (@JaydenCFC04) January 25, 2020

I would’ve liked to have seen gilmour and maybe lamptey.. both have looked decent and deserve a cup start.. I don’t place much priority on the FA cup so, blooding the deserving youth is perfect for cup ties imo

— C҉h҉e҉e҉f҉ ☄️ (@GreenCheef) January 25, 2020

Play Gilmour

— Mazwi Malaza (@zwisto29) January 25, 2020

I’ll watch this when Gilmour, maatsen and lamptey comes on

— Samantha Kerr fc (@Bvndari) January 25, 2020

What is Mount starting for?

Play Gilmour for me instead nauuu

— Voldemort Emeritus (@shey_drogo) January 25, 2020

The Scottish Iniesta on the bench.
Hopefully he’ll get some minutes. 🌟😍 pic.twitter.com/f6bRr0Rnh9

— Billy Gilmour (@BillyGilmourSZN) January 25, 2020

Hope Gilmour gets a decent run out, would really have liked to see him start. #HULCHE https://t.co/JCb934idB6

— Bluesmatters (@Bluesmatters1) January 25, 2020

No Gilmour… 😐 https://t.co/PngGV7VNOa

— CAREFREE 🤛🏼〰️😁〰️🤜🏼 (@BlueArmy1905_) January 25, 2020

Gilmour should have…