Glenn Hoddle says Chelsea can win Premier League with new signings

Chelsea can compete for the Premier League title in two years if they recruit well.

That’s according to Glenn Hoddle who reckons savvy transfer business will make or break Frank Lampard.

The Stamford Bridge hero can now make singings after Chelsea had their transfer ban lifted.

He’s eager to bring in a new striker to ease the burden on Tammy Abraham, but has so far been unsuccessful.

Hoddle says it’s not this transfer window that will define Lampard’s tenure as Chelsea’s manager, though.

“I think [Lampard] does want to bring somebody in this window,” Hoddle told Premier League Productions.

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“Whether he’s going to get that opportunity, reading between the lines I’m not so sure actually.

“But this is more important, over the next coming two windows I think for Frank.

“I think if he brings in the right professionals, the right experienced players, uses the right money on that level…

“He’s got the youngsters, he knows he’s got a group of young players there.

“In two years time, if he brings in the right pros, the good apples and good players, experience, with these kids, I think they’ll be challenging for the league in two years time.

“That’s how Chelsea owners have got to look at it, not about now.

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“Even if he goes fifth this year and misses out on the top four, this squad and whatever manager is at Chelsea, the key is who he brings in, the experience.

“Those kids, they’re good enough. You’ve got six or seven of them, superb.

“And you’ve got a little underbelly as well, you’ve got a little underbelly coming through that are going to be great in two years time.

“But these kids now that are playing are going to have two more years experience.

“It is really important for Chelsea Football Club who he brings in, experienced players, to play with them.

“He’s going to be losing Pedro and Willian,…


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