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The January transfer window closed at 11pm last night and for Chelsea supporters it ended a month of speculation and disappointment.

The club failed to back Frank Lampard with his desired signings, not managing to bring in a single signing whilst clubs around them strengthened.

Lampard was visibly frustrated in his press conference yesterday when asked about transfers. His responses were short, and the interview was the shortest one I have ever witnessed.

Since then, the Chelsea manager has given a more in-depth view on his feelings about the transfer window, and he has certainly not been mixing his words.

It is not the first time that Chelsea have failed to back their managers with the signings they have asked for, with Antonio Conte being the most recent and public case, resulting in a major fall out with the board.

But now a Chelsea legend has failed to be backed, and he believes it will have implications.

As reported by The Telegraph, Lampard said:

“This is not to talk down ourselves because we’re six points clear in fourth. But now we’ve probably become the underdogs and the outsiders because the teams around us have strengthened. It’s a fact.”

“Every time I look at the TV another player signs for a club, that’s the transfer window.

“But if I’m looking at it with my business head on, looking around us in the table, I look at Manchester United obviously signing a big, big player, a world-class player in my opinion.

“Sheffield United have made fantastic signings and Chris Wilder’s job is incredible because he’s had years to work that group and now they’re adding where he sees fit.”

“Tottenham have signed a few and they’re not far behind us. And not only have they signed a few, but a couple of players have left where obviously – not being too crude about it – the situation was they were towards the end of their contracts and maybe weren’t happy being at the club any more.

“Sometimes that’s as important as bringing players in….


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