Frank Lampard praises the one player who he describes as being ‘a weapon’ for Chelsea » Chelsea News

Frank Lampard and his Chelsea players have all started their two week winter break now and do not have a match until February the 17th, although the players are expected to return to training a week today.

There will be a lot of reflecting and recharging for the group and it has probably come at a good time for them as they struggle to get momentum in their results.

The Blues face a real battle now to keep their position in the top four and qualify for next seasons Champions League.

There has been a massive shining light for them this season though, a player who has been providing consistency game after game, despite still only being 20 years old, Reece James.

The right back has been a real threat to Chelsea’s attacks in recent games and has provided them with a massive boost and as Lampard describes, ‘a weapon’ for them.

As reported by Goal, Lampard has been speaking about how well he’s been playing, and what he can improve on.

Lampard said:

“He’s a weapon for us. He can attack with his crossing but we need to get on the end of them more. And he’s also very solid defensively.

“When you think of his age, you can get excited about Reece. There is a lot more he can obviously do but I’m really pleased with how he’s developing at the minute.”

“There are all the sides of his game he can work on, although I’m not going to improve his crossing, I don’t think, because he’s a natural. But we can talk about his position, his link-up with the winger in front of him and the midfield players, and his defensive attributes because they are first and foremost. And making sure he is always in the right areas.

“And he is very open to that, as he should be. Like all the young players at Chelsea are, they are sponges, they want to learn. They want to listen. So you enjoy coaching them because they want to get better.”