“Hard to answer” questions about Pulisic’s injury says Lampard » Chelsea News

Chelsea are really lacking attacking options at the moment, with even Pedro being thrown into the mix this weekend against Leicester as Frank Lampard looked to fill the attacking gap left by a certain injured winger.

They desperately need Christian Pulisic back, but the winger’s injury doesn’t sound like it’s recovering as hoped.

Simon Johnson of the Athletic had the latest quotes from Lampard after the game where he admitted it was “hard to answer” when the American would be available for selection again.

Lampard on Pulisic return for #CFC: “It is hard to answer.We tried to get him out last week & step it up a little bit but we had to pull out of that. So the break might have come at a good time because it buys us a couple of weeks.I won’t have an answer till we’re back training.”

— Simon Johnson (@SJohnsonSport) February 2, 2020

As he says, the break we have now will help. But it still doesn’t sound like he’s going to be up to full speed again even after that.

It’s not like he was setting the league on fire before he was out either, but he had his moments and would be a valuable asset right now as Frank Lampard makes every possible change to try and squeeze some more goals from his team.


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