Why Chelsea are “becoming a lot of people’s second favourite team” according to assistant manager » Chelsea News

Chelsea assistant manager Jody Morris has had quite the rise to the top in the last couple of years.

He will be the first to admit he never really fulfilled his potential as a player, and winding down his playing days in Scotland just a few years ago he couldn’t have forseen how things would go since then.

He’s now Frank Lampard’s assistant, and speaking about the direction the club are going in now he didn’t hold back:

“We’re almost becoming a lot of people’s favourite second team now because of the amount of young English players that have been getting opportunities,” the former youth team coach boasted.

He’s perhaps going a little far to say we’re anyone’s second team just yet, but it’s certainly true that we’re more popular than we’ve been for years now we’ve stopped spending and started playing young academy products.

That popularity will only increase this summer if our young England internationals perform well at the European Championships.

With Harry Kane out injured and Tammy possibly leading the line, it could be a new dawn for Chelsea’s popularity. Maybe Jody was right all along?


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