Chelsea’s “preferred centre-forward signing” named ahead of potential big summer » Chelsea News

The Evening Standard have recently been writing about Chelsea’s summer transfer targets.

If it all seems a little soon for that, think about the context. The Blues couldn’t sign anyone last summer (although they effectively did, in the form of the arriving Christian Pulisic) and they didn’t sign anyone in January.

So by the summer, with plenty of players out of contract, the squad will be in serious need of surgery.

One man whose name came up repeatedly in January was Moussa Dembele of Lyon. We weren’t sure whether he was just a name being thrown around because he was available or whether there was truth to it – the latest word seems to confirm the latter.

The Standard’s James Olley writes that “Moussa Dembele is currently [Chelsea’s] preferred centre-forward signing.

That won’t be universally popular, as his name being brought up last month got quite a mixed reaction, but this does at least give him another half season to convince Chelsea fans and scouts that he’s the man to go for in the summer.


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