Premier League clubs as drinks goes viral on Twitter as Man Utd dubbed ‘Irn Bru’

Premier League clubs vary in many different ways and come in all shapes and sizes, but describing them using a variety of drinks is something not familiar with most of us.

But one Twitter user’s description of all 20 top flight teams in England using a different beverage has gone viral.

With the likes of Liverpool storming the division this season and having lost just one Premier League game in the last two seasons, you can imagine which delightful tipple they have been assigned.

For perennial strugglers like West Ham, Burnley, and Crystal Palace though, it is not pretty reading.

Man Utd have made their worst start to a league season for 30 years

And Manchester United fans might not like their association with Scotland’s most well-known soft drink in the list, which was complied by Twitter user @PrimeNelson .

So have a look at what drink your team has been assigned (or lumbered with) in this brilliant take on the Premier League….

AFC Bournemouth

Juice Shots – A small, low budget drink, but is still decent.


Diet Coke – Still a good drink, but a joke compared to their previous counterpart.

Aston Villa

Lemonade – A pretty average and standard drink, but has been around forever.

Brighton & Hove Albion

Water – A boring, bland and plain drink. Nothing special.


Burnley have been compared to a cup of tea

Tea – The most Brexit drink out there.


Off-brand energy drink – N/A.

Crystal Palace

Vimto – An irrelevant drink that nobody likes or enjoys drinking.


Pepsi – Still a decent drink, and a big brand, but still in the shadow of their counterpart (Coke).

Leicester City

Oasis – Overall great drink, that nobody has any issues with.


Coke – Best drink out there, and nothing can beat it at the moment, no matter how hard they try.

Manchester City

J20 – Costs an absolute fortune, still tastes amazing but seems like a scam.

Manchester United

Irn Bru – A drink loved by a strong fan base, but hated by…


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