Winter break boredom, Willian has you covered with his top 3 Netlfix favourites » Chelsea News

Yes we are already bored with the winter break, especially after a bland January transfer window, but we still have a while to go yet before Chelsea kick a ball again.

Their next fixture is not until Monday the 17th of February, and they face Manchester United.

What we describe as a ‘slow news period’, here is some interesting content that you might find useful, to cure your boredom you might be turning to Netlfix to get your fix.

Chelsea winger Willian has revealed his top 3 picks that he believes you should all watch if you haven’t.

I must say, he’s chose some great shows here!

He’s chosen Prison Break as his first pick. This is a classic, and has you constantly gripped. It goes on, and on, and on!

Second choice he has gone for the relatively new series directed by rapper 50 Cent, Power. This is an insight into the New York drugs underworld and has it all.

Finally, he’s gone with Narcos, which is another great series about Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar.


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