Chelsea “worried” by Frank Lampard’s decision over Kepa » Chelsea News

The Daily Mail last night reported that Chelsea “club officials” are “worried” about Frank Lampard’s decision to drop Kepa.

They say that because the move will depress his transfer value significantly should he leave in the summer without regaining his place, those in charge of things behind the scenes at the club think it was a risk to take him out of the team.

Well of course it will affect his value. Frank Lampard knows that too, and he knows the risks – that’s why he’s waited so long to make this call. But at this stage he really has no choice.

Not getting into the Champions League will hurt us a lot more than losing a few million on Kepa, and it got to the stage where he was costing us points every game.

There’s a good chance he is restored to the team after the international break in any case. We will see what happens in the remaining months of the season – but if Willy starts keeping clean sheets, nobody is going to be complaining.


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