Chelsea have money to burn

It was revealed today by the CIES football observatory that Chelsea have made a transfer profit of over €205m in the last 12 months.

That’s what happens when you have a transfer ban and sell your best player in the same summer, we supposed.

But fans don’t care about how much money the club has made (apart from maybe some Arsenal fans), they care about how they are going to spend it.

The worst thing they could do now is take all the cash they’ve accumulated in the last year and waste it on a group of middling players. We’ve got talent in almost every position on the pitch, what we need is one or two top class players to elevate the first team.

They’ve not had a shortage of time to find the assets they want – in fact it’s been a year since they signed anyone. So there’s no excuse for getting it wrong.

Next year, we want to see us right back at the bottom of the list, but with some world class names added to the squad.


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