Top 15 most pictured football stadiums on Instagram – including Man Utd, Liverpool and more

Football stadiums from England, Spain, France, Germany, Italy and Argentina have been named amongst the top 15 most Instagrammed football stadiums in world football following a newly released study.

The study, composed by collated the number of hashtags of 15 of the best known stadiums in world football.

The hashtags extracted featured either the stadium names listed (#name) and with the stadium after the name (#namestadium).

The number of hashtags for all 15 stadiums totalled 8,020,412 overall, with London coming out on top as the most popular city due to it gaining five of the places within the top 15.

Of the 15 stadiums included in the study, 14 are within Europe, with La Bombonera, located in Buenos Aires, Argentina the sole exception.

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15. London Stadium – London, England – 52,650

Home to West Ham United since 2016, the London Stadium came lowest on the list with just over 50,000 tags on Instagram.

Originally built for use during the 2012 Olympics and opened in May 2012, the venue is one of the youngest grounds on the list which may have contributed to its lowly figure.

Being in a city bursting with football stadia will also have dented the London Stadium’s chances within the study.

The London Stadium has been West Ham’s home since 2016.
14. Tottenham Hotspur – London, England – 118,000

The youngest stadium on the list, the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium has been tagged 118,000 times since it was opened on the 3rd of April 2019.

The ground plays host to Champions League finalists Tottenham Hotspur and has also hosted two NFL since construction was completed.

Both Rugby Union and Rugby League matches are planned to be held at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in the future, meaning the number of tags could increase quite dramatically by the time a study like this is carried out again.

(Image: Action Images via Reuters)
13. Etihad – Manchester, England – 141,776

English Champions…