Paul Merson slams Dan Gosling’s ’petty and pathetic’ comments about ref Jon Moss

Dan Gosling complaining about Jon Moss is laughable, petty and pathetic.

I actually laughed when I heard what Moss was supposed to have said. This sort of thing happens all the time with referees!

When I played I remember Roger Milford and little Paul Durkin being the best. You could have a laugh with them and you would want them to ref your games.

Roger used to say to me: “Don’t complain to me just because you’re having a sh*t game Merse!” when I had a go at him.

And you couldn’t argue with him – because he was right! He made me laugh. You need to be able to laugh at yourself sometimes.

Trust me, you only ever have a go at the ref for one reason. If you’re having a stinker. You never say a word to him if you’re having a good game.

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That should tell you everything about what’s happened with Gosling and Moss.

Bournemouth have lost the game 2-1 at Sheffield United and they’re frustrated because they’re in a relegation fight.

But come on. It’s not the referee’s fault. Gosling must be sitting there now thinking: “What have I done?”

It’s a big deal calling a referee a disgrace. That’s a big word to use. I’m surprised the FA haven’t charged him because you can’t say anything about refs any more.

I can’t make a case for what Gosling said. It just looks petty. It makes him look like a millionaire footballer stuck in his own little bubble.

It’s like he’s saying: “You can’t make fun of me, I play in the Premier League!” It’s a bit cringeworthy isn’t it?

Jon Moss came under fire from Bournemouth

Gosling says Moss told him “you’re still in the relegation zone” and “you’re having one” – I actually laughed out loud when I read that. If that’s what he said, it’s quite funny.

I can’t believe Gosling has complained about this. I mean, wow. There’s no way that ref is saying those things for no reason.

He’s obviously responding to something, probably…


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