Reliable Journalist claims board and manager unrest at Chelsea already » Chelsea News

It seems like every season we see the exact same story, in fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if these stories are not just bought out of the archives and tweaked for the current season.

Every year the Chelsea board reportedly grows frustrated with a number of things that the club manager does. We have seen it recently with Jose Mourinho, Antonio Conte, and Maurizio Sarri.

Now already, it is the turn of Frank Lampard to come under board scrutiny, according to reliable Daily Telegraph Journalist Jason Burt.

He claims that Lampard will ‘come under greater scrutiny’ if he fails to get Chelsea into the Champions League this season.

He states that questions over Lampard not playing goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga, and his treatment of striker Olivier Giroud are just two reasons that concerns are growing within the Chelsea board room.

Personally, I don’t believe this at all. I am sure the board are worried about recent performances, as is Frank, as are we, as are the players – but I am certain it is nowhere near as serious as being ‘under more scrutiny.’


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