Willian set for free transfer after demanding unrealistic contract » Chelsea News

Willian had a slew of quotes in the Daily Mail yesterday where he highlighted that he was getting British citizenship, and how much he loved life in London.

If you read between the lines, you could have seen what the motive was. The Brazilian genuinely is happy in London, but if he doesn’t have a contract to play for one of the teams based there, he won’t be able to stick around in the English capital – unless he has early retirement in mind.

On The Athletic today the winger is featured again, this time making everything clear. There it’s claimed he wants a three year contract, while Chelsea will only offer players over 30 one year at a time.

The dispute, we had assumed, was him wanting two and them one. But if its true he wants three, we shouldn’t expect to see him in Blue after this season.

And the London PR campaign? That’s presumably all to alert Tottenham and Arsenal to his interest in staying put.