Chelsea set for their biggest game of the season in Spurs 6-pointer » Chelsea News

The classic term ‘6-pointer’ in football can often be misconstrued, but Chelsea’s lunchtime match against Tottenham today can most certainly be accurately described as a 6-pointer, and not only that – but the biggest match of the season so far for both sides.

Jose Mourinho’s team sit just one point behind Chelsea in 5th place in the Premier League having played the same amount of games.

As we storm into the second half of the season, these games become even more important. If Chelsea lose this game, and other results go against them, they could easily slip down to 7th place in the league.

But if they win, they will pull away from Spurs again by 4 points. That is the difference in winning or losing today, it’s a massive MASSIVE game.

Sheffield United are 2 points below Chelsea and are home to Brighton today, so they have every chance of winning that one. And just below them is Manchester United, who are home to Watford tomorrow and also have every chance of getting the win.

If Chelsea want Champions League qualification, which is all so important financially and for attracting new players, then today is an absolute MUST WIN!


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