Every word Frank Lampard said on Chelsea vs Bayern Munich, Robert Lewandowski, Toni Rudiger

You’ve said you like your teams to take risks. Is this a night for risks or something a bit more conservative?

I don’t remember saying I want to take risks too much. I suppose it depends on the type of game. There’s a two-legged game against a very strong team here and in the Champions League, one thing is clear: your concentration and focus levels have to be absolutely top throughout both games.

So I like us to take risks in attacking areas, to try to create and score goals. We’re created a lot this season. What was great at the weekend was the fact we won a game by taking chances with two great finishes. But in terms of our defensive mindset from back to front, we have to be really on it. Of course defensively there is no risk taking.

Will Giroud start? How good was it to see him perform so well vs Tottenham?

Very pleasing, very pleasing. I don’t want to go into who’s starting or not. Part of the reason is because he’s had a lot of recovery in between games. There’s a tight turnaround. The effort put in against Tottenham in the London derby was huge so I have to assess that all the way up to the game. But the way he played was fantastic.

Not just the goal but the link-up, the work, the link he had with Mason Mount and Ross Barkley off the ball, the work he did for us, which is always a huge thing for me in way we defend from the front. I know I can rely on him. He’s professional, he’s quality and he was great. He’s given me a lot to think about.

Lewandowski is in the form of his life at moment, does that concern you?

I wouldn’t say concern is the word. Form of his life means something special with Lewandowski because of how well he’s been consistently in Europe for the last, how many years, I don’t know. Goalscoring record. Everything about him, from a  distance, from afar, is just top class. Everything about him. Having the opportunity to watch a lot of Bayern in build up to this game, that shines through. Of course he’s going to…


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