“He could be proper Didier Drogba successor”

Former Chelsea player Marcin Bulka has just had a really fun interview in Poland where he went through a load of his old teammates and told funny stories about them.

As he’s now at PSG, and had previously been at Chelsea for many years, there’s no shortage of stars in his anecdotes.

It was interesting to get a goalie’s perspective on our strikers over the years, for one thing.  His take on Diego Costa was unequivocal:

“He is close to my top eleven,” the Polish stopper said of his manic former teammate.

“On top of his game, he was a player Chelsea needed, he could be a proper Drogba successor,” he said in quotes translated from the original interview on Reddit.

It’s not entirely sure whether he means that Costa could have been a Drogba successor, with a few more years and a little more commitment, or whether he’s just saying that on his day he could be, but he’s right either way.

We just wish the maverick had stuck around a few more years to find out just how close he could get to DD in the pantheon of Chelsea greats.


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