MNF rank England’s 12 greatest club teams – with Liverpool and Man Utd dominating

Sky Sports’ Monday Night Football team have determined which is the best English team in history.

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher and Manchester United hero Gary Neville developed a ranking system to work out which sides are superior from down the years.

The ‘greatest English club side’ was decided based on how teams fared over a three-year period.

Trophy success, domestically and in Europe, earned points, with the Champions League proving the most lucrative piece of silverware.

The reward for European glory was five points, while the title in England’s top flight got four points.

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A three-year window was believed to be long enough to say a team is truly great while not covering too long a timeframe for the side’s personel to be altered massively.

12 teams from down the years in English football were selected for the accolade, including three different United sides and two of Liverpool’s.

Chelsea, Arsenal, Everton, Leeds, Aston Villa, Tottenham and Nottingham Forest all featured too.

Liverpool won the European Cup at Wembley Stadium in 1978
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Propping up the table was Leeds, who amassed nine points from their period spanning 1968 up to 1971.

At the other end of the rankings was, unsurprisingly, Liverpool.

It wasn’t Jurgen Klopp’s team for a change, although they could enter the table depending on how the Reds continue to progress over the next couple of years.

The points system showed how the greatest English team in history was determined
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Liverpool’s side from 1975 to 1978 under Bob Paisley was deemed to be the greatest ever English club side.

Their 23 points was generated from three league titles, back-to-back European Cup successes and a UEFA Cup triumph.

Shortly below them in the standings were United from 2006 to 2009 under Sir Alex Ferguson.

Liverpool and Manchester United made up the top four greatest…


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