Every word Frank Lampard just said on Bournemouth, Alonso, Abraham injury and top four hopes

Mixed emotions after that?

“Possibly, because you could be happy with the reaction and that we score. Over the whole game I think we should win it.

“Started slow, but then when we got to grips that all we had to do was play the simple pass and move it quickly and they would struggle with our wing-backs and struggle to get to the centre-halves and we could move it.

“But we kept coming away from it, the passes were pretty clear. But generally we controlled the game in the first-half.

“Then we can go 2-0 up in the second-half early on, don’t take that. And from the set-piece, I think you’ve got to credit the jump sometimes, it was a great leap from him.

“But our reaction from that wasn’t tough enough, wasn’t instant enough. And the second goal I didn’t like at all, very poor individually.”

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Two quick goals again, like Tuesday. The reasons for that?

“At half-time we were very aware what could happen. Eddie Howe is a fantastic manager.

“They were always going to come out with more aggression in the way they press and get after us because we were very comfortable.

“So there was nothing new to the players, to have a bit of time to suffer or have to defend our box.

“So it’s frustrating when you say that a lot at half-time, and that still happens in the second-half.”

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Same again that not converting half-chances?

“Yeah, it’s costing us in games. Everyone wants to point to the defence, but we work all week on our defence.

“It’s hard to create actual situations like someone out-jumping your man or someone diving in and getting done when they shouldn’t do as a centre-back.

“But at the same time if you’re going to create something like 23 chances and balls slashing across the face, those are the chances that you need to stick away.

“That’s what creates the nervousness. At 1-0, Bournemouth are in that game, at 2-0 I think we start to control and finish the game off.



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