“Alonslow” picks up impressive speed records as well as scoring twice » Chelsea News

Marcos Alonso scored twice to single-handedly win Chelsea a point against Bournemouth, but we’re all used to the number of goals the left back scores.

He’s racked up some seriously impressive numbers over the years, but what was most amazing on Saturday was his running numbers.

For a player known as “Alonslow,” he certainly did the business here. He was the team best for top speed and average speed during the game, and ran further than anyone else in Blue.

You can see the eyebrow-raising stats here in a Tweet from Nizaar Kinsella of Goal.com:

Alonso also covered the most distance 11.86km, highest average speed (7.50km/h) and the highest top speed today (36.55km/h) for Chelsea. #Alonslow https://t.co/ohAfHoOcDE

— Nizaar Kinsella (@NizaarKinsella) February 29, 2020

These speed stats are always rather curious of course, but there’s no denying that this one really defies the popular belief that the Spaniard is problematically lacking in pace.

We’ve all seen him struggle a little in accelerating, given he’s rather tall, but this shows there’s nothing wrong with the top speeds he can reach, or the stamina he possesses.