Billy Gilmour reveals how Harry Maguire tried to “bully” him » Chelsea News

Billy Gilmour is the talk of the town right now for his performance against Liverpool on Tuesday night, but it’s in speaking about that game that the young Scot has actually revealed some interesting stuff about what happened earlier in the season.

He was given his first start by Frank Lampard way back in the Autumn in the Carabao Cup, and faced off against Harry “slabhead” Maguire for much of the game.

Speaking after Tuesday, where he showed impressive resilience in the face of a physical Liverpool side, Gilmour explained how Maguire had tried to “bully” him in their previous meeting.

“He was pushing me off, gripping me by the throat, and that’s something I have to deal with. But I won’t let that happen again. That was a lesson,” the former Rangers schoolkid noted.

“Obviously he is going to try to bully young players and that’s where I need to learn how to be stronger. I’ve been working on that and I can only get stronger. But, yes, definitely, when he gripped me, I remember that ­really well.”

Gilmour didn’t look fazed at all in the game against Liverpool, in fact he impressed everyone with how physical he was in the tackle throughout. He’s got a great personality and determination to compete in these games despite his young age and small stature, and he showed that again this week.


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