Chelsea defender reveals great Frank Lampard fact » Chelsea News

Reece James is a starter for Chelsea now, and has really established himself with impressive speed in the team.

He’s now playing for Frank Lampard every week, and it’s easy to forget that the manager was a hero for the new Blues start not long ago.

In fact, according to this article in the Daily Mail, the right back in fact had a signed shirt over his bed as a kid, featuring all manner of Chelsea players signatures, including that of Frank Lampard.

“[The shirt] is still at my parents’ house today, hung over my bed. Frank Lampard’s name is on it – I haven’t told him so I’m not sure he knows, but he’s definitely on there!,” the full back explained.

There will be a bunch of kids out there now with Reece James shirts, and so the cycle continues. Let’s hope he sticks around at Chelsea for long enough to become as much of a legend as his current boss is.

He’s made a superb start to his career, and his trajectory is certainly taking him in the right direction.



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