How Marcos Alonso learned impressive free kick techniques from Greek playmaker » Chelsea News

We all know Marcos Alonso comes from a long line of football players, with three generations of Alonso actually representing Spain’s national team following the wing back’s call up a couple of years ago.

But what we don’t know as much about is how his life living around footballers helped him improve. Now, have a really interesting interview with Vassilios Tsiartas, the Greek playmaker who played under Alonso’s dad at Sevilla.

He explained how young Alonso would come along to training and watch him practice free kicks, hoping to learn from the master:

“There were days when Marquitos, which was what we called him, came along. He looked closely at how I was taking those free kicks. Sometimes I let him take a kick, despite the fact that he was a little boy of 10 or 11 years old,” Tsiartas said.

“I remember he was often frustrated because he didn’t have the sufficient power to get the ball to the goal. He was just a kid so I told him not to be disappointed, stressing that what he had to do was to find the right shot, the right sense of the kick, keep practising and in time he would be able to send the ball whenever and however he wanted to send it,” he went on.

“He followed that and he practised a lot and so we admire him today for scoring with magnificent free kicks,” the former Seville star concluded.

Certainly free kicks have become a huge part of Alonso’s game now, and we saw him crash one off the bar against Liverpool. Time and again he’s found the net in important games for us in those positions, and now we know who we have to thank for it.


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