Pulisic gives important injury update after mysteriously long absence » Chelsea News

Chelsea star Christian Pulisic is close to returning to action after two months out, according to the star himself.

Nobody seemed to realise at the time how bad the USA winger’s injury was, and most thought he just had a niggle that was going to keep him out for a game or two at most.

Instead, with very little information given to the fans, he missed week after week, to the point that conspiracy theories started to do the rounds about whether something more sinister was going on.

Those were always patently ridiculous however – he just had an abductor injury that was proving difficult to shake off, have the quotes from the former Dortmund man, who said himself that he’s “super close” to a return now.

That’s promising, and it sounds like he could be back in action after the next international break. We hope to find out more from Frank Lampard in tomorrow’s press conference.


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