Hints that it is Chelsea and Manchester United battling it out for Jadon Sancho » Chelsea News

The summer transfer window is fast approaching as we enter the latter end of the Premier League season.

One hot topic right now is Dortmund winger Jadon Sancho, and he is bracing himself for a long few months of speculation before deciding his own future at the end of this season.

Sancho will join up with England for the Euro 2020 competition and after that is likely to make his decision on where he will be spending his coming years plying his trade.

He has been often linked with Chelsea, as well as Manchester United and Liverpool.

But it is Frank Lampard’s side and United who are battling it out for his signature, according to leading sports lawyer Gregory Loannidis, who also feels that Chelsea have the better chance of securing the deal.

Looks like the #blues of London and the #reds of Manchester will battle it out for one unique player. I am not a betting man, but the good lady of the #blues can be very persuasive. Still, money talks in every case. #IKN

— Gregory Ioannidis (@LawTop20) March 6, 2020

He doesn’t directly mention the clubs or Sancho, but it is very obvious that this is who he is talking about here, with links popping up everywhere.