Stats make you ponder where Chelsea would be if not for more finesse » Chelsea News

This season has been somewhat inconsistent for Chelsea to say the least. Most supporters are patient with the situation, but others have harshly overly criticised Frank Lampard.

But the reality of the situation is that Lampard is actually over-achieving so far, and the stats below accompanied with the article from Sky Sports, prove that.

Chelsea are the only side to have not spent even one penny on new players for the 2018/20 season.

Chelsea are the third best performing side in the league in terms of expected goals and the same for expected goals against.

This means that Lampard has been let down by his attackers not taking their chances, and the defenders not doing what they are expected to do as part of their roles.

Just imagine what Lampard can do when he has more quality added to his squad…


Decent Article from Sky Sports.

— CFCDaily (@CFCDaily) March 6, 2020