Billy Gilmour outlines plans to keep his starting Chelsea role and thanks his mentors » Chelsea News

Chelsea midfielder Billy Gilmour put in another fine performance yesterday as Chelsea beat Everton 4-0 in the Premier League.

Gilmour was pinnacle to all the good moves Chelsea played yesterday and everything was going through the 18-year old. He was crowned Man of the Match for the second game running and it was absolutely deserved.

The young Scot set the tempo for every Chelsea attack and just his style of play made the whole setup look so much more fluid and faster in their attacking plays.

Of course it helped that Chelsea decided they would take their chances yesterday, something that they have been failing to do a lot this season, but they looked a different gravy against Everton, and a lot of that was down to Billy.

So if he keeps playing like this, there is no way he can loose his spot, but Gilmour has revealed his plans to keep his place, and also praised some senior players who have been giving him great support.

As reported by The Express, Gilmour said:

“When I go out there I need to show that I am not just passing to each other.

“I need to be there and do something different in the team to keep my position in the team.

“It’s a bit surreal still.

“Coming on playing with top players, but this is something that I have been dreaming of.

“The boys in the team have been brilliant with me, Antonio has been brilliant with me always talking, Azpilicueta is always taking and giving me real confidence going into training and into games.

“That is something you need as a young player, is that confidence.

“If you don’t have that confidence you are not going to play well, you are going to be a bit under pressure and a bit naive.

“But I love it and the first-team boys are doing really well for the youngsters.”