“There is no offer from any team”

Chelsea winger Willian has been pinnacle to his sides two best performances of the season over the last week, helping beat both Liverpool and Everton.

However, his contract saga with Chelsea goes on and the more it does, the more you feel that the two parties will not be meeting in the middle.

Rumours are flying around, and it doesn’t help when Willian’s wife gets involved!

As reported by Sport Witness, she had posted an Instagram video over the weekend hinting that Willian’s days at Chelsea could be numbered and suggested a London stay in on the cards, prompting rumours that the player had already agreed to join Arsenal or Tottenham.

This was obviously not an ideal situation, and Willian himself has been forced to attempt to clear the air and declare his current loyalties lay with Chelsea.

But he also confirms that he still hasn’t agreed a new deal and that negotiations had ‘stopped’ after he wants a 3 year extension but Chelsea are only offer 2.

He said:

“Look, I always like to make it very clear the respect I have for this club, the affection I have for Chelsea too. Regardless of my situation, whether I’ll stay or not, one thing I can say: I’ll always try to do my best, give my best on the pitch for this team. There’s really no offer from any club. So I wanted to make this very clear, that I’m still a Chelsea player, and I’ll always try to do my best until the end of my contract. Whether I stay or not, we’ll see that in the future.

“We really like London, I’ve said this many times. It’s a city that my family and I love to live in, we love the city. We love the city and I really don’t know why she posted it. It really is because the situation of the contract here isn’t easy. But I hope that in the next few weeks or months this can be sorted. And then you’ll know if I’ll stay or not. But what I can say is that I’ll always try to do my best for the team.

“I still don’t know. There’s nothing with any team. There’s no…


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