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Chelsea coach Cristophe Lollichon has been speaking about the club’s coronavirus response in the last week.

The goalkeeping coach has been at Chelsea for some time now, and is one of the most long-serving members on the coaching staff. Speaking on French TV, he outlined how the the club had responded upon finding out that Callum Hudson-Odoi was testing positive for the virus.

“Things started a little bit earlier (in the week), because there was a suspicion, there was an employee who was working at the training centre, who had symptoms that came quite close to that of coronavirus,” the Frenchman said to GGFN.

“When I arrived on Thursday morning, I was quickly told to head back home. We weren’t allowed to go to the training centre, training was cancelled as well. Tomorrow (Saturday), in theory, those due to be at the training centre to work, should be allowed to be there. The training centre has been completely disinfected… We don’t have the training schedule yet. There will be nothing this weekend, then decisions will be made at the beginning of next week, to know what planning will be put in place for training. No decision has been made yet,” he went on.

It’s good to know that the clubs have been on top of things, apparently for a lot longer than the general public and the government. At this stage the risk to the players’ health is minimal, but it’s understandable why they don’t want to expose them now before we know more about what’s going to happen.

It certainly doesn’t sound like anyone will be training anytime soon, and it may well even be that the season is totally cancelled in the coming days.


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