Chelsea stars could play on weekly deals if coronavirus chaos spreads into the summer » Chelsea News

Chelsea’s last game was against Everton – it may end up being our last for a very long time.

In that game we played with Willian, Pedro and Olivier Giroud as our front 3. All performed well and we ran out 4-0 winners.


But all of those 3 are out of contract this summer, and if the season is restarted after June 30th it’s a real question for the Premier League. How will they get these stars to feature in games after that date if they’re allowed to sign with other teams?

A solution in the Daily Mirror today is that they could all play on week-by-week contracts. That could work, but would require the players and teams to agree new deals, and would probably require all kinds of legal and financial effort to get right.

There’s no guarantee the players would ever go for it either.

There are no easy solutions at the moment, and it’s far from certain the league will be ready to restart then anyway.


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