Chelsea have a new Serie A target to chase » Chelsea News

Football Italia aren’t letting the fact that football is on hold stop them when it comes to reporting on transfer rumours.

To be fair, there’s no reason to think that Chelsea’s scouts will have stopped working in this break, and whenever football resumes teams will still need new players.

This time it’s Francesco Acerbi of Lazio that’s apparently attracted our attention. This is a relatively new link, not one of the ones we’ve seen dragged up summer after summer. He’s a central defender who has racked up tons of Serie A games over the years.

Lazio’s super successful season will have raised his value, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see them shed a few players for big money this summer. Acerbu, who is 32, would be a cheap buy but a tasty bit of experience for Frank Lampard’s team which may lose a lot of that this summer if the players who are out of contract all walk away.



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