Chelsea “intensively” chasing top target

Right. It’s been WEEKS without football, and we’re really getting tired of this now. Given there’s no prospect of anyone kicking a ball around again anytime soon, and we’re running out of “throwbacks” to enjoy in the meantime, what we really need is a spicy transfer rumour update to get our teeth into.

We might just have one.

SportWitness are always the best at sniffing out new stories around and about in Europe, and today they have some whispers from SportBild that claim Chelsea are still “intensively” chasing Jadon Sancho.

They do then admit that there have in fact been no talks yet – and none are on the horizon either given the world is currently being turned upside down and shaken – but it’s good to hear we’re still in prime position for once things get going again.

We won’t be the only ones chasing him, but we’re going to be one of the biggest teams in the market for him, and there’s no reason to think he would rather go anywhere else.



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