(Image): “Finally” – Tammy denies big contract claims » Chelsea News

The vicious whispers of the football rumour mill had been claiming that Tammy Abraham had not joined many of his peers in signing a new contract because he had asked for a monster £180,000 a week salary, but the striker has now denied that in an Instagram comment.

Responding to a post quoting a Telegraph story that held that the previous claims about his big demands were untrue, Tammy seemed to show support for the sentiment.

As you can see in the image below, Tammy responded “Finally some [real] news” to a story that denies he’s asking for more cash.

Players don’t really speak to the media without the club’s control, so this is about as close as you get to a public denial of these things usually. Let’s hope there’s progress on the deal soon. We have 0 doubt everyone will end up happy.


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