Michael Ballack on nightmare Champions League final » Chelsea News

Chelsea were a dominant Champions League team when Michael Ballack was at the club, playing at the sharp end of the competition every year.

But even back then, getting to a Champions League final was a big deal, and it’s no surprise that when bad refereeing cost us the chance to go to one, top level players like Michael Ballack were going crazy.

Sky Sports asked him about his famous reaction in the game against Barcelona in 2009 in an interesting interview posted by Football Daily today. It really takes you back to that frightful night.

You can see his answer in the clip here:

🗣”We felt it was unfair and we were so much better, you could see that in the reactions” @Ballack on the famous semi-final against Barcelona in 2009 pic.twitter.com/IjSxVmWyWq

— Football Daily (@footballdaily) March 26, 2020