Poor Pedro explains contract comments after mistranslation » Chelsea News

Chelsea winger Pedro has taken to the club’s official app to dispel the stories going around earlier today that he was “terminating” his contract.

He had been speaking on Cadena SER radio in Spain about what was going to happen with the season suspended and his deal running out at the end of June.

Plenty of people thought that this meant it’s a done deal that he’s going, and he was apparently given loads of praise by fans on social media thanking him for his time at the club.

It’s all rather unfortunate really. He was speaking in Spanish and said his contract was finishing in the summer. The Spanish word for finish is terminar, it was badly translated as “terminate” and suddenly it sounds like he’s leaving on bad terms.

It’s a shame he’s had to explain himself, because he didn’t do anything wrong. In fact, he wasn’t really interested in talking about his contract when the world is in such a bad state, as he said.